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About Lua Dance Club

Our Story

A studio for all ages.

Our studio was designed for students of all ages, from infants to adults. We aim to teach our students not only to dance but to give them the opportunity to learn and explore other cultures, through a variety of music appropriate to every age group. 


We prepare our students to explore lyrics from a human perspective because dance changes lives and we want to give our students the tools to be successful in dance, school, and life.

A bilingual dance studio. 

We will introduce Portuguese ,French and Spanish language during classes....

Non-competitive studio.


Our studio is not a competitive school, although our students will have the opportunity to dance in our gala annual recital in June, and in community shows and demonstrations, as well as parades.


Only students currently enrolled in ongoing classes will be asked to perform at such events. Please understand that regular classes allow the student groups to learn to dance together in a seamless fashion.


Our Founder, Miss Lucy

Luciana Brussi Costantino was born in Brazil.


She began studying classical ballet at the age of 7 and at 13 she moved on to other dance styles, such as modern and jazz. At age 17, she joined the dance professional group in São Paulo, where she began teaching children’s dance lessons. 

At age 19, Lucy began her international career in Europe.


She lived there for a year, performing in Brazilian shows in various countries. In 1998, she arrived in Japan to take part in a Brazilian dance show.  In 2000, she became a choreographer in the cities of Yokohama and Tokyo, working with various Japanese and international artists and taking part in TV shows and commercials, as well as other important events such as the Asakusa-Tokyo Samba Carnaval yearly, until 2010.

Luciana moved to Pittsburgh in 2010. 


Here, she had her first daughter Sofia in July of 2010. Even though winter cold and snow left her totally depressed, she always had encouragement and support from her unforgettable mother-in-law Cindy.

In 2011 she decided to return to her dance career and in 2012, while she was expecting her second child, Jasmine, she founded the Pittsburgh samba group which performs in shows and other events in the area throughout the year!

In 2016 Lucy and Jen Gallagher founded the studio Art in Motion Pittsburgh, where Lucy developed all the kids dance programs and taught! After 5 years in this partnership, In 2021 Luciana decided to open Lua Dance Club in North Hills, where she currently lives.

“Finding the balance between work and motherhood is an ongoing struggle for every working mother. Opening a studio close to my home was the best decision I could make," Luciana says.

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