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About Classes


Mommy and Me Club


Does your little one move his or her hips and sway to a favorite song? This class is for little dancers and their caregivers, providing a unique child-guardian bonding experience through creative movement and first dance steps. This is a wonderful chance to meet other parents out there and spend a little time moving and grooving with little ones, while exploring the world and listening to a variety of songs, some in other languages. Ages 1-3

Ballet Club


Our Ballet Club strives to teach the fundamental building blocks of training in Classical Ballet. In this class, we use the ballet barre to create fun exercises while also introducing the basic vocabulary of ballet. Dancers are introduced to alignment, flexibility, and coordination as a way of furthering their dance. This training develops a strong foundation of physical and mental understanding necessary for Classical Ballet training. Fun, creative elements such as stories, games and other imaginative activities keep the exciting pace of the class lively and engaging. Age 6-14

Modern Club

Our Teen Modern class strives to push the technique of dancers who have had previous training in styles of ballet and jazz dance. Modern is a fusion of contemporary, ballet and jazz dance style that incorporates strength, flexibility and floor work. This training will advance students in their ability to learn, create and pick up new choreography. Fun creative elements such as storytelling, improvisation and partnering will be introduced to challenge, engage, and excite the students to keep dancing!

Age 8-16

Toddler Little Star Club


Introduce your little one to the world of movement and rhythm with Toddler Little Star, our specialized dance class for ages 3-3.5. Parents can choose to stay as their child takes their first steps into the dance world, or gradually transition them into an independent class setting. Focused on fostering early motor skills and a love for expression, Toddler Little Star prepares young dancers for the next exciting step in our curriculum, the dynamic Little Star Club.

Latin Jazz Club

Let's explore the music and movement of a variety of Latin songs and rhythms. This class features samba jazz and some ballet technique. We will create choreography using fun props and it's an amazing environment to foster friendships! Young class and Teen class options Age 6-16

Acro Club

image0 (1).jpeg

Acro dance, as it's commonly called by dancers, is a style of dance that combines classical technique with fluid, acrobatic movements. It is physically demanding and requires strength, control and flexibility. Hair must be in a secure ponytail or bun. barefeet required. We have toddler acro class for 3.5-5 yr olds and our offical levels start at 1 for ages 5-7 and work their way up to level 3 for teens and advanced acro dancers.

Age 4-teens /Levels 1-3

Little Star Club


Welcome to the Little Star Club, an enchanting dance class designed for ages 3-7. This introductory program explores ballet, jazz, and/or tap, allowing young dancers to discover their favorite style. Filled with lively props, fun music, and a dance party finale, the classes create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. The incorporation of languages like Spanish, Portuguese, and French adds a cultural twist, making the experience both educational and entertaining. Little Star Club is a joyful space where children not only learn dance fundamentals but also find their passion in a dynamic and multicultural setting.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a fast-paced, high-energy dance class with emphasis on self-confidence and personal style. This class includes a warm-up, choreography, improvisation, and learning new tricks and skills, designed to help the dancer loosen up, gain rhythm and to have fun dancing! Young class and Teen class options.

Ages 6-14

Cirque Program

Step into the extraordinary world of Dance Cirque, a unique class where acrobatics meets dance in an exhilarating blend. Designed for all levels, kids explore various stations including balance beams, mats, juggling, and the thrilling silks. No prior experience required—just bring your energy and eagerness to learn!


Kangoo Jumps

Adult Tap


Kangoo dance is a safe, energetic, fun and motivating aerobic program taught to music, for all ages and fitness levels. The program teaches participants effective jump techniques for enhanced enjoyment while preventing injury due to biomechanical stress. It offers more benefits than other popular group fitness programs because Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes act as a shock absorber to reduce impact, when compared with traditional aerobic activities performed in conventional shoes. The rebound shoes generate a trampoline-like feeling of weightlessness that not only increases the “Fun-Effect,” but more importantly decreases joint stress. Do all your favorite dance moves with Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes, and discover the wonders of rebounding! For adults ages 15+


If you always wanted to tap dance, but never did, or if you tap danced a long time ago and want to get back into the swing of things, this class is for you. We will learn and practice the basics while having a good time with a little cardio thrown in for good measure! Great for beginners and advanced tappers alike, this is an all-levels class and you will be challenged no matter your level. Tap shoes recommended, but if you don't own any, any hard sole shoe will work for your first few classes, and then we recomend purchasing from a store near you if you want to enjoy this class for a longer period of time.

Samba Jazz

In our samba technique class, you will learn the basics of samba and other Latin dances with smooth combinations of jazz dance! They will work on hips and waist combinations, and on posture and musicality! Shake your hips, feel sassy, and tone your body while having fun with us! For all women and men, all dance levels.


Our samba choreography class is a stand-alone class geared to the intermediate to advanced dancers for men and women. Based on fast speed samba, the steps will combine with hips, jumps and walking techniques. For women, high heels are encouraged.

Adult Hip Hop

A self expressive dance experience in a stress free environment. Rhythmic dance movement to 30 years of hip hop music. All levels of dance welcome. No dance experience required.

Adult Ballet- Ask about our private lessons


Ballet is a beautiful art form, a refined skill, an excellent form of exercise, and great for working on your posture. Our adult ballet class is perfect for beginners. With smaller class sizes, our instructor Rebecca, a professional ballet dancer, is able to give lots of personal corrections and attention. This class covers the standard ballet barre and touches a bit on center work. Everyone works at their own personal level and there is absolutely no judgment in this class. There is no dress code, just comfortable clothes you can move in. If you don’t own ballet flats, socks work just as well! We strive to make everyone feel confident and comfortable. As adults, you are able to conceptualize movements and understand the muscles in your body even more so than young children. We believe that with the maturity level of this class, the dancers will actually be able to improve faster than even some children at academies or other adult classes that give no corrections.

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