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Adult Beginner Ballet Classes at Lua

Ballet is a beautiful art form, a refined skill, and an excellent form of exercise. Our adult ballet class is great for beginners. With smaller class sizes, our instructor Rebecca, a professional ballet dancer, is able to give lots of personal corrections and attention. This 45 min. class covers the standard ballet barre and touches a bit on center work. Everyone works at their own personal level and there is absolutely no judgment in this class. There is no dress code, just comfortable clothes you can move in. If you don’t own ballet flats, socks work just as well! We strive to make everyone feel confident and comfortable. As adults, you are able to conceptualize movements and understand the muscles in your body even more so than young children. We believe that with the maturity level of this class, the dancers will actually be able to improve faster than even some children at academies or other adult classes that give no corrections.

After our ballet class, we transition into a 30-minute Preparation for Pointe class. Socks or ballet flats are fine, no need to actually own pointe shoes. This class mimics the combinations you would find in an ordinary pointe class so you get comfortable with the steps and eventually it will become muscle memory. This class helps even more with the strength in your ankles and calves. These two classes, ballet and pointe, work hand in hand to develop strong, elongated muscles, increased flexibility, better balance, excellent posture, better coordination, improved memory, and musicality, and a whole new awareness of one’s body.

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